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I'm a multidisciplinary writer (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) who is fond of river valleys, interrogating place, and challenging the delusions that we are separate from nature--that we fit easily into binary.

I also happen to be a therapist, which you'll see informs my work.

My white wolf/dog is named Milou. He loves swimming just as much as I do.


BA. Bard College.

MSW. Columbia University. 


I'm finishing up a novel called Truth or Consequences,  where an old childhood game has its stakes raised, becoming a harrowing ritual played between adolescent sisters, resulting in devastating outcomes for both as adults. 

You can read an excerpt from my novel Truth or Consequences here.

Based in Northampton, Massachusetts (Pocumtuc/Nonotuc). Missing Portland, Oregon (Upper Chinook/Clackamas), and the Hudson Valley (Mahican).

Currently attending the MFA at UMass-Amherst as a student, teacher, and prose writer.

A digital drawing by the artist Robin Hayashi of Bec Bell-Gurwitz's white dog named Milou.
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